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Chemegene 750ml

CHE750 Chemegene 750ml

Chemgene Concentrated Disinfectant Spray - 750ml The Industry Standard for Tattoo Studio Hygiene Keep your studio healthy, shiny, and clean with Chemgene. Proven by the medical, tattoo, and dental industries to be one of the most powerful surface and high-level disinfectants on the market. Chemgene combines an array of microbiological credentials highly effective against Bactericidal, Virucidal, Fungicidal, Sporicidal and Mycrobactericidal, HIV, and Hepatitis B. Chemgene is suitable for general disinfection of all surfaces found in your studio, and may be used on rubber, vinyl, and most hard surfaces. Biodegradable Always read safety data sheets before use Do not mix with other chemicals Read directions before use

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